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Saakshyam Trailer: Visually Rich, Conceptually Intriguing

Saakshyam Trailer: Visually Rich, Conceptually Intriguing

Saakshyam starring Bellakonda Srinivas, Pooja Hegde and Jagapathi Babu as the principal star cast has already made a strong impression with its teaser.

Now the elaborate trailer cut gives more insights into its concept and theme.

First thing that is striking about the film is its grand visuals. Produced by Abhishek Pictures, the film has high production values and stunning visuals. Next striking element is the concept that is both intriguing and commercial as well.

Director Sriwass has packed the film with commercial elements and a strong story with various exciting points, which makes the trailer very interesting and also intrigues its viewers to wait for the complete film.

The trailer is arresting right from the word go without giving away much about its plot. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are particularly impressive.

Jagapathi Babu seems to be in fine form and Bellamkonda Srinivas looks macho in his bulked up physique.

Pooja adds glamour quotient to this serious themed action packed commercial entertainer.



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