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Saaho: Simultaneous First Screening All Over

Saaho: Simultaneous First Screening All Over

The team “Saaho” is taking all measures to restrict spoilers coming from different shows from the different parts of the world.

For “Baahubali” and “Baahubali 2”, midnight shows were allowed across the Telugu states. This time, the team “Saaho” is planning in a more precise way. 

They are working on modalities to either start shows from the 29th August second show in Telugu states or starting all shows around 5 am IST on August 30 worldwide.

Holding advanced paid premieres (making the second show of the previous day of the release date) is not a new phenomenon in Tollywood. Both "Baahubali 2" and "Arjun Reddy" did the same. A final call will be taken shortly.

The USA shows and the Indian shows will mostly begin around the same time. In a day or two, the team will announce at what time the first shows would begin. 

Story spoilers will be restricted in this way. The talk from the first screenings worldwide will also be uniform. 

As the film was sold for exorbitant prices, the team “Saaho” doesn’t want to take any chances. Prabhas has already proven that he holds a huge craze across all languages in India. He is now a bigger star than all the stars in South India.

With “Saaho”, he has successfully managed to generate tremendous hype though the director is relatively unknown to the general audiences.



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