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RRR: Finally, Danayya Agrees to Bear GST

RRR: Finally, Danayya Agrees to Bear GST

Days before the release of “RRR”, distributors who bought the film met producer Danayya and demanded a rebate on their signing amount.

The distributors feared they would not recover the money given the costs involved. So, Rajamouli, with the influence of Chiranjeevi and others, made both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments increase ticket prices.

After the GOs were issued, Danayya refused to give the distributors any rebate they demanded. But they still insisted on bearing him the GST at least.

Three days after the release of “RRR”, Danayya finally agreed to the demand of distributors to pay the GST amount to them.

Thus all the distributors who have paid Danayya the agreed amount for rights will receive the 18% GST amount in their accounts.

The B and C centers are posting low amounts in all areas. It is tough for many distributors to see profits on the original deal.

Realizing this, Danayya has finally relented to paying back the GST.


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