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RGV Mocks Pawan Kalyan's Naming Style

RGV Mocks Pawan Kalyan's Naming Style

What's In a Name... wondered the great bard Shakespeare. Well, looks like everything matters when it comes to naming a newborn baby.

It is known that Pawan Kalyan recently had his fourth child and he has now been named Mark Shankar Pawanovich.

The name, apparently, is a perfect mix and match of Hindu and Christian traditions with a dash of Russian touch to it.

And one man who quickly sprang to action and gave his opinion on this was Ram Gopal Varma. Now, Varma never misses a chance to troll Pawan Kalyan.

Earlier, he used Twitter to constantly target Pawan Kalyan. After he was off Twitter, he is now using Facebook to target the powerstar.

Once news came that powerstar and his wife Anna Konidela have named their son ‘Mark Shankar Pawanovich’, Varma mocked the star.

The explanation given by PK that the name is a mix of Russian traditions and Hindu traditions is being trolled by Pawan's anti-fans on the social media and RGV has joined them.

However, PK fans are also attacking RGV on belittling a baby’s name.

“What name one choses for his son or daughter is purely personal. Why should anyone have a problem with that? Ram Gopal Varma says he doesn’t believe in caste, then why has he named his daughter Revathy Varma implying the caste name?” a PK fan asked attacking RGV’s post.

This is what RGV wrote:  “BOW MY HEAD TO PAWAN KALYAN’s SONS NAME. Mark Shankar Pawanovich is the greatest name I heard since the very origin of languages as far back as the pre Christ era of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of medieval Egypt and also the first ever recorded language experiment conducted by the greatest Pharaoh Psammetichus ... I find the integration of the individualism of Pawanism so very disintegrating but so very illustriously into a Russian owich and also as a Mark of homage to the primary Pawan originator Shanker.”

Well, leaving the 'name' apart, it would have been a surprise if Ram Gopal Varma did not poke Pawan Kalyan. Ramu is surely turning predictable!



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