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RGV Announces Film On Vangaveeti

RGV Announces Film On Vangaveeti

Trust Ram Gopal Varma to announce a film on the current topics and he never disappoints. The latest announcement coming from is a movie on Vangaveeti family.

Vangeeti Ranga was the most prominent Kapu leader in the 80's in Vijayawada who was killed by his opponents. His son Randha Krishna is now rising as a strong leader.

Hence Ram Gopal Varma has set eyes on the family of Vangaveeti. "The film "Vangaveeti" will tell the actual reality of the realities of Vangaveetis," he tweeted.

He also added that Vangaveeti the movie would start off with the killing of Radha and end with rise of Radha. Doesn't it remind you RGV's old film Gaaya? Well but the maverick maker never tires of doing same thing with new set up and different actors.

Recently politician Harirama Jogaiah in his autobiography alleged that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister had a hand in the killing of Vangeeti Ranga which sparked off a huge controversy. So Ram Gopal Varma seems to be trying to cash in on the current topical issue.

RGV also claims that the film would be bigger in scale than his magnum opus Raktha Charitra. In Raktha Charitra too, he focused on real life events of Andhra Pradesh politics. It dealt with the killing of Paritala Ravi, a prominent leader from Rayalaseema.



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