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Relieved Sukumar to Concentrate on His Production!

Relieved Sukumar to Concentrate on His Production!

Sukumar is relieved that Mahesh Babu has finally listened to his version. Sukumar told him how much he was hurt by the recent developments.

Their meeting that took place last weekend in Chennai went smooth and both of them cleared all the differences between them.

Though it is clear that Mahesh Babu might not team up with Sukumar in the near future, there stands no acrimony between them now.

Sukumar will now happily concentrate on his productions. Sukumar is involving in many films that are being directed by his former associates.

The director will be working on his script from June/July as Allu Arjun has given him dates from October.

Sukumar will direct Allu Arjun with the same plot that he narrated to Mahesh Babu.



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