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Reel Talk: 'I Am Not At Fault'

Reel Talk: 'I Am Not At Fault'

When a film becomes a hit, then all is well. But if it becomes a flop, that’s when the blame game begins.

Recently, Lovers released and it did not have the kind of success that the makers expected.

Having had high expectations on the film, the film’s hero Sumanth Ashwin has been highly disappointed with the film’s fate at the box office.

As for Nandita, many people felt that she should have upped her glamour quotient for the film. They say she reminded audiences of 1980s heroines.

Apparently, when she heard these comments, Nandita was quite hurt. So, she immediately decided to clarify the matter to media.

She says there are many reasons behind a film’s failure. She insists her performance and her glamour did not have anything to do with Lovers being an average film.

“Prema Katha Chitram worked due to its plot and not because of my bikini scene. Though the film is average, Saptagiri got huge mileage due to Lovers. I simply followed director’s instructions and remained true to the genre. What else am I expected to do?” counters Nandita.



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