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Reel Buzz: Vinayak Returns Money Again!

Reel Buzz: Vinayak Returns Money Again!

Star director VV Vinayak who has delivered a big flop with Intelligent has reportedly come forward to return a part of his remuneration to compensate the buyers.

Intelligent was sold for Rs. 27 crore in spite of Sai Dharam Tej’s recent track record.

Vinayak’s brand name was the main reason for buyers to invest huge money in it.

But the director has let them down with a terrible product that may not even recover Rs. 7 crore from its theatricals.

Buzz has it that Vinayak has voluntarily come forward to return some money from his remuneration.

He did the same when his film Akhil ended up as a massive disaster.

Vinayak was paid double to what Sai Dharam Tej got for Intelligent.

So it is pretty evident that he is the reason for the business craze of the film.

Vinayak admitted it as his failure and returning some money to share the losses of buyers.

Recently Trivikram also returned a part of his paycheck for helping Agnyaathavaasi distributors.



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