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Reason Why RGV Hates Powerstar's Fans!

Reason Why RGV Hates Powerstar's Fans!

Ram Gopal Varma has one obsession these days - tweeting about Pawan Kalyan. From the last one year, he has been regularly writing about Pawan Kalyan - some times praising him to the sky, and sometimes trolling him in a big way.

But in the last three or four months, he has been tweeting about him in sarcastic manner. Although the tweets look like compliments, if one reads carefully one can easily get that he is being sarcastic.

Pawan Kalyan's fans have realized this and have started flooding his timeline with 'titlu' and 'saapalu'.

Recently Anupama Chopra interviewed Pawan Kalyan which got mixed response. Some said it was good, some criticized the interview for Pawan's fake English accent and Anupama behaving like a fan than a journalist.

Ram Gopal Varma took this opportunity and praised Anupama's interview. He said that this is the best interview he saw in his life. Indeed everyone realized that he was trolling her. So, fans have started scolding him.

To this he says, he equals Pawan Kalyan to God but he doesn't like the devotees. So he reasoned that he hates Pawan's fans as he hates devotees of the God.

Clearly, he is trolling Pawan Kalyan and his fans constantly. So far Powerstar hasn't responded despite Ram Gopal Varma provoking him with his tweets.



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