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Re-launch Fails, What's Next Akhil?

Re-launch Fails, What's Next Akhil?

Akhil Akkineni has shown vast improvement as an actor in his second film, but that is not the goal of Nagarjuna when he decided to re-launch his son in Vikram Kumar’s direction.

Nagarjuna and Akkineni family had high hopes on Hello to give first blockbuster to the young Akkineni hero.

Vikram did make a decent romantic film with a dose of action, but the film ended up as a flop at the box office.

The film failed to recover the high production cost (Rs. 35 crore plus) as it couldn’t withstand the competition from Nani’s MCA.

An estimated loss of 40% is inevitable says the trade. So Akhil’s re-launch clearly missed the target and Akkinenis must be back to the drawing board again?

What would be Nagarjuna’s next step for Akhil?

Will he rope in a superstar director and make another high budget film or restrict the cost of production to Rs. 20 crore range to make it easy for Akhil’s third film?

Akhil had zeroed in a couple of subjects prior to the release of Hello. However, there might be a change of plan as Hello didn’t turn out as expected. 



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