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RDX Love Trailer: Waah! What A Changeover!

RDX Love Trailer: Waah! What A Changeover!

RDX Love teaser received so much flak for the overdose of adult stuff. Female lead Payal Rajput and producer C. Kalyan were at the receiving end. 

Surprisingly the theatrical trailer of the same film looks entirely different without any sleaze. It now looks like a typical female oriented action film with Payal Rajput mouthing punch dialogues. 

This is clearly a conscious attempt to avoid the criticism. What happened to all that sleazy sex stuff in the teaser?

Perhaps the makers believe that they had grabbed the attention of target audience already and hence tried to save face with the theatrical trailer cut.

On a whole, now RDX Love is reminiscent of a Kannada dubbed B grade action flick.

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