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Ravi Teja's Concern: Non-Theatrical Market

Ravi Teja's Concern: Non-Theatrical Market

Regardless of a film's performance in theaters, Ravi Teja used to command a high remuneration, and producers used to turn a profit, thanks to his robust non-theatrical market, which included Hindi dubbing and satellite rights.

However, in recent years, there has been a significant decline in satellite rights for all films, and the Hindi dubbing industry has completely collapsed.

Ravi Teja has never been a favorite among OTT companies, leading to a complete downturn in his overall non-theatrical market.

It's not surprising that the producers of his films are now concerned about budget and return on investment. This is why he continues to work exclusively for People Media Factory, with whom he is said to have a special understanding.

Nevertheless, he is currently exploring ways to revive and expand his non-theatrical market following the release of "Eagle."


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