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Ravi Teja Makes Producers Part Ways

Ravi Teja Makes Producers Part Ways

Venkat Talari and Ram Talluri, the producers duo that had made ‘Chuttalabbayi’ together is now going solo.

They have given advances to several heroes hoping to start many ventures together. However, they have now parted ways.

Still Ram Talluri has stuck to movie production and he has now officially announced a movie with Ravi Teja in the direction of Kalyan Krishna.

The two friends are said to have parted ways due to the differences regarding the budget for this Ravi Teja movie.

Ravi Teja is taking home Rs 10 cr for this film which is too high given his current market value.

Venkat Talari is said to have opposed the idea of paying such huge remuneration to Ravi Teja as it would be tough to recover the production cost even if it becomes a hit.

Hence, Ram Talluri is producing this as a solo producer after Venkat opted out of joint production.

After modest success of recently released ‘Raja The Great’, Ravi Teja feels that he has bounced back in big way. Hence, he has started quoting Rs 10cr as remuneration. 



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