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Ravi Teja and Directors' Combo Turns A Joke!

Ravi Teja and Directors' Combo Turns A Joke!

For the past one year, Ravi Teja's films are happening only on paper. None of them are actually going to the sets.

Still media keeps writing various combinations with him when the issue is that no producer is willing to give him the high remuneration that he is demanding. 

Now media reports say Chandoo Mondeti of “Karthikeya” and “Premam” is going to direct Ravi Teja and he is reportedly impressed by the director’s story. But who is going to produce this film? No clue. Now such news have become a joke in film circles.  

Unless he takes one of the proposals to the sets and starts shooting for it, no one in the movie industry is going to believe these various combinations with Ravi Teja.

The actor who is now in late 40’s has been sitting idle at home without any work since his last release “Bengal Tiger” last year.

Directors like Venu Sriram, Bobby, Chakri, and Vikram Siri have announced movies with Ravi Teja during the last 12 months but all of them failed to hit the floor. 

Ravi Teja is reportedly not slashing his remuneration. He doesn’t want to do movies for less than Rs 9 Cr, while the producers are asking him to cut down it to Rs 6 Cr. This is the major issue with Ravi Teja’s movies.



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