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Ravi Babu's Avunu 2 Trailer Is Interesting

Ravi Babu's Avunu 2 Trailer Is Interesting

Ravi Babu is known for his versatile movies. Though he made some terrible films in the past, Ravi Babu has the credit of directing good films like ‘Anasuya’ and ‘Avunu’.

After the success of ‘Avunu’, Ravi Babu is ready to scare Telugu audience once again with ‘Avunu 2’.

In his own words, director says, “Avunu 2 begins from the last scene of Avunu. Many people asked me that why i had to end Avunu abruptly. Avunu 2 is my answer to each one of them, who asked me that question”.

Watch Avunu 2 Theatrical Trailer

Theatrical trailer was launched today and it looked interesting. D.Ramanaidu is presenting the film and ‘Avunu 2’ is produced under Suresh Productions and Flying Frogs banner.

Poorna, Harshavardhan Rane and Sanjjana will appear in the main roles and Sekhar Chandra is the music director.

Makers are planning to check out a suitable date and release the film in the month of December 2014.



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