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Ravi Babu New Movie on Piglet!

Ravi Babu New Movie on Piglet!

Film making is a process never mastered by any world class directors and producers. Innovative concepts integrated with advanced technologies allow creative minds to discover new trends in film making. 

Ravi Babu is a well accomplished director known for engaging Telugu audience on dissimilar subjects within restricted budgets like Avunu, Laddu Babu. He is frolicking with the idea of making a movie on piglet. You heard it right. Piglet means a baby pig. 

Ravi Babu worked on this idea for one and half year before execution. The script is indigenous with no cross references. He worked promptly in a minimal time on script part. Challenge lied in accomplishment of the script. 

Ravi Babu studied behavioural characteristics of piglets by observing them closely for few months. He then thought of adopting animatronics technology to simulate a pig like inanimate object to move forward on production stage. But, pre production phase was full of flusters.

The cost needed to import animatronics software was equal to star hero remuneration. After checking the financial feasibility, Ravi Babu began to develop an economical alternative importing the obligatory modules and prepared his own piglet model.

Regardless of the hard work, the tiny piglet’s internal parts broke into pieces throwing early production schedule in dismay.

Reworking on strategies, Ravi Babu blended the silicon piglet model with live action to achieve the desired result. ‘Attitude with patience never fails. I started to shoot the movie from March and completed in three months. Currently, we are into post production mode,’ a winner in Ravi Babu said with smile.

Newcomers Abhishek and Nabha are playing protagonists in the film accompanied by main story component in piglet. Wait for few more days to get more information on Ravi Babu and his piglet.



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