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Rashmi: No Plans of Marrying Sudheer

Rashmi: No Plans of Marrying Sudheer

The much-hyped Rashmi-Sudheer marriage turned out to be just a gimmick to up the ratings for their TV show.

On the eve of Ugadi, a special programme was designed with the theme of wedding ceremony of Rashmi and Sudheer, the anchor and actor of the show.

From wedding invitations to sangeet to wedding ceremony to first night sequence... all were shot in realistic mode and it was publicized that they were really getting married.

However, when contacted, Rashmi Gautam laughs at the rumors that she is dating Sudheer. It was just a ploy to spice up the show, she asserts.

Rashmi and Sudheer don't have chemistry off screen, the team members say. But there have been many rumors that Rashmi is seeing him. So, the team has come up with this idea based on rumors to spice up the show to boost ratings.

Thirty-year-old Rashmi Gautham is most popular Jabardasth anchor with her hot looks and sizzling attitude.

Well, if you thought it was only Hindi television that came up with on-screen and off-screen capers to hype their shows, then it's time to change that thought!



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