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Ramoji's Change In Policy

Ramoji's Change In Policy

Whenever Ramoji Rao produces a new film, he does not depend on outsiders for its publicity.

Naturally, for his ‘Eenadu’ and channels are more than sufficient for providing adequate mileage to his movies.

The satellite rights of the movie too are retained with the ‘ETV group’. But in recent times, he has produced two movies ‘Beeruva’ and ‘Dagudumoothala Dandakor’ which have been promoted quite well on other channels too.

The reason behind this is that there were other producers and distributors who were stakeholders in these films. They went about promoting the movies on the other channels too.

Thus Ramoji’s films came out of the huge ‘ETV’ and ‘Eenadu’’ umbrella for the first time and embraced competitors too.



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