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Ram Gopal Varma Enjoying Sishya's Success!

Ram Gopal Varma Enjoying Sishya's Success!

Ram Gopal Varma had no face to show after the debacle of "Officer".

RGV who normally behaves in hyperactive manner on social media went in silent mode for some time after Nagarjuna's movie failed to get even Rs 1 Cr (share) in its entire week run. Both Nag and RGV felt shame to talk about the movie.

Now, RGV is back to his old style: tweeting and posting aggressively about a movie's success.

He is updating on daily basis about recent super hit movie "RX100". He is enjoying the movie's success more than the movie's team.

The reason why he is back to his hyperactive mode with someone's success is the movie's director is his long-time sishya.

Ajay Bhupathi who made debut with 'RX100' had assisted Ram Gopal Varma for more than five years on various films. Interestingly, the director is also distant relative.  

While Guru RGV failed to bring in Rs 1 Cr with a star like Nagarjuna, his sishya brought in Rs 5.18 Cr in just four days with a star cast of new comers. 



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