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Ram Charan's Guess Turns Right

Ram Charan's Guess Turns Right

This is one another example that Ram Charan has now got a better understanding of the scripts and his judgements have started giving great results.

When Chiranjeevi said no to the remake of “Dhruva” and other well-wishers said that the film would only suit a mid-range hero and not a big star like him, Ram Charan said he can prove all of them wrong. He indeed did, as the remake went on to become a hit.

Similarly, when people raised apprehensions about his playing a character with hearing impairment in Sukumar’s film, he said he could pull it off.

The rural revenge drama has now become an all-time third biggest hit in Tollywood after “Baahubali” movies.

The third case of his right judgement is in the result of Nani’s “Krishnarjuna Yuddham”. The story was first narrated to Ram Charan by Merlapaka Gandhi.

Charan told the director that the basic idea is good but it needs better narration and asked him to come up with better screenplay.

After working on the script for many months, Merlapaka approached Charan again and narrated the script. Charan didn’t like the second half and rejected it. Then Nani took up the same script.

However, even the Midas touch of Nani couldn’t save the film. Finally, it is Ram Charan 1, Nani 0.



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