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Ram Charan Roars As VVR In Routine Boyapati Trailer

Ram Charan Roars As VVR In Routine Boyapati Trailer

The much awaited trailer of Ram Charan - Boyapati Sreenu's Vinaya Vidheya Rama is filled with all the elements that we expect from the duo.

However, action and punch dialogues gets the 'lion' share in the trailer with Ram Charan looking at his ferocious best.

Charan looks menacing in his shirtless avatar sporting six pack abs and tattooed chest. Vivek Oberoi looks stylish as the main antagonist. Boyapati's films usually have a very big star cast and Vinaya Vidheya Rama is no different.

The trailer doesn't show a single shot of comedy or romance and totally showcases the raw action except for a few glimpses of family scenes.

The trailer may appeal to fans and masses, but it has nothing much to grab the attention of youth or families.

Looks like, Boyapati has played to his strengths again and strictly stuck to mass masala elements than trying to appease critics and class audience. 



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