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Ram Charan - Mani Ratnam Movie in Trouble!

Ram Charan - Mani Ratnam Movie in Trouble!

The dismal box-office result of "Cheliyaa" has damaged the reputation of great film director Mani Ratnam. Though he has delivered flops in the past, this film's failure has made big stars to think twice about teaming up with the director.

In the recent past, Mani Ratnam has lost his form, none of his movies made any decent money except "Ok Bangaram". But "Ok Bangaram" was small romantic drama with low budget.

Before "Cheliyaa" released, Ram Charan openly admitted that he would be starting a film in the direction of Mani Ratnam later this year. Sources say he is now in two minds about it.

His fans are urging him not to take risk of doing a Mani Ratnam movie at this moment. Ram Charan just bounced back with an average grosser "Dhruva" and he now needs to deliver blockbusters to strengthen his star power.

Charan is already experimenting with Sukumar's film. Doing a Mani Ratnam movie immediately after Sukumar's movie is not wise idea, the fans say.

Both Sukumar and Mani Ratnam are not known as "blockbuster" directors, they make offbeat movies that may appeal to only a section of audiences.

So, sources say Mani Ratnam and Ram Charan's film may not take place immediately.



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