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Rajinikanth Cancels 65th Birthday Celebrations

Rajinikanth Cancels 65th Birthday Celebrations

Rajinikanth is devastated by the extent of damage that has happened to the people of Chennai due to the incessant rains all through last week.

As the rains have totally stopped except for showers here and there, the people are bringing back their lives to normalcy. On the other hand, rescue operations are progressing at rapid pace and several stars are actively participating in it.

Given the grim situation, superstar Rajinikanth has cancelled all the birthday celebrations planned by his family and fans associations. Later this weekend (December 12), Rajnikanth turns 65.

Since Rajinikanth didn't celebrate much last year and before that year due to his ill health, his family members planned to throw a special party for all the industry people like Ram Charan recently did for his father Chiranjeevi's 60th birthday but now the superstar asked his family members to drop the celebrations.

Even all the associations of fans were asked to cancel such plans across Tamil Nadu.



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