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'Raja Saab' Faces Threat from 'Salaar Part 2'

'Raja Saab' Faces Threat from 'Salaar Part 2'

Director Maruthi revealed the title of his upcoming film, starring Prabhas as the protagonist, on the eve of the Sankranthi festival.

The movie was named "The Rajasaab." Curiously, Maruthi also presented it as a film that appeals to audiences across India.

However, no official announcement regarding the release date was made. Ideally, the film should be released either towards the end of this year or in the beginning of 2025, considering that it has already completed 50 percent of the shooting process.

The sci-fi drama "Kalki 2898 AD," directed by Nag Ashwin, is scheduled to be released in theaters in May of this year.

The release date for "Kalki" has been officially announced, but there is no fixed date available for "The Rajasaab."

Rumors suggest that Prabhas desires to keep his options open. If the production of "Salaar 2" can commence and conclude within this year, the action drama will be given precedence for its release.

Therefore, "The Rajasaab" will be pushed to 2025. If Prasanth Neel requires additional time for the production of "Salaar 2," then Maruthi's film will be scheduled for release within this year.

Therefore, the future of "Rajasaab" is tied to the production schedule of "Salaar 2."

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