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Puri Jagannath With His Hit Combination

Puri Jagannath With His Hit Combination

"iSmart Shankar" was a turning point in director Puri Jagannath's career. The movie rejuvenated his career after a series of setbacks and also gave hero Ram a massive hit.

Music director Mani Sharma was also given a second lease of life in the industry after the movie's success. Following the film's release, he went on to compose music for dozens of movies.

Now, efforts are being made to reunite the Puri Jagannadh-Ram combination once again.

After "iSmart Shankar," Puri Jagannath directed "Liger" with Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Panday, which generated tremendous buzz but failed to meet expectations at the box office.

Following the film's underwhelming performance, Puri Jagannadh stayed in Mumbai, and it was rumored that he was planning a movie with Megastar Chiranjeevi, but details about the project remain unknown.

However, recent reports suggest that Puri Jagannath and Ram may collaborate for a new project under the Puri-Charmi banner, PC Connects.

While initial discussions have taken place, the project is expected to commence after the completion of Boyapati-Ram's movie.

Although Puri Jagannath has many fans who are eager to see his next film and many heroes and producers keen to work with him, financial concerns have arisen following the performance of "Liger."

Overall, the industry is waiting to see what Puri Jagannath has in store for his next project and whether he can once again deliver a blockbuster hit.


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