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Puri, Charmmee Affair: Out In The Open

Puri, Charmmee Affair: Out In The Open

Affairs are considered to be part and parcel of media world. Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers and at times technicians too come into news because of their alleged 'love affairs'.

However, many a time, they deny such relationships openly, though it is said that there is no smoke without fire.

One such story has been doing rounds for a very long time in Tollywood. And that involves Charmmee and Puri Jagannadh.

Though they have been spotted publicly and many say they are in a live-in relationship, they had either denied it or maintained silence.

Puri Jagannadh is married and is father of two kids. His wife had threatened to leave him if he continued his 'friendship' with Charmmee and recently after the drug scandal, Puri was advised by his friends to severe ties with Charmmee.

But now that the drugs case has cooled down, Puri and Charmmee are making no bones about their 'friendship'. They seems to have thrown caution to the wind, say unit members of Paisa Vasool.

Charmmee is openly dictating terms in all matters they say and confide that it was she who handled the entire audio function in Khammam. She also posted close pictures of herself with Puri following the event.

Puri and Charmmee are said to be in a relationship since 2011. Though Puri's wife has been opposing their friendship, they have remained close since then.

During the making of Charmmee's "Jyothi Lakshmi", the rumours were all over media. But that did not stop them from making public appearances.

Now, Puri's wife too seems to have taken his alleged affair with Charmmee in her stride.



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