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Puri Asked to Break Bond with Charmme

Puri Asked to Break Bond with Charmme

The close relationship between Puri Jagannadh and Charmme is known to all in Telugu film industry, but now the news has spilled all over India as the drugs racket story has been making headlines.

Special Investigation Team has found that Puri and Charmme are not just “close friends”.

On record, both Puri and Charmme have denied being in a love relationship, but within Tollywood, it is known that they are in an extra-marital friendship.

Now that their names have popped up in drugs case together, the well-wishers of Puri Jagannadh have asked him to severe ties with her for good.

Puri Jagannadh’s wife, daughter, son and his brothers are standing behind him and giving him full support like a responsible family. They are not bringing up the topic of Charmme at all. But his close friends have been asking about Charmme's role in 'Puri Connects', Puri's event management company, if she is a mere friend.

During their interrogations, SIT has found transactions between Puri Connects and Calvin, the drug peddler.

“Puri is a highly talented director. He needs to come out of this mess and cut all connections with his current friends and team. He will bounce back surely,” a popular actor who worked with him, says off the record.




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