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Public Talk: Looks Tacky Compared To Baahubali

Public Talk: Looks Tacky Compared To Baahubali

Shankar's dream project 2.0 trailer is out and it has been receiving mixed reactions across the social media platforms. Not everybody is spellbound with the visuals and content in the trailer.

Interestingly, the Hindi version of trailer has been getting lukewarm response in terms of views when compared to Tamil and Telugu.

Even the presence of Akshay Kumar isn’t making the North audience curious about this science fiction spectacle.

We must admit that a few VFX shots look tacky and cheap. It is not expected from a movie for which nearly Rs. 600 crore was spent. However, Shankar and his team say that the trailer will be more effective when viewed in 3D.

Shankar may defend that the tacky VFX shots will look better in 3D, but what about the abrupt cuts in the trailer. There is no smooth transition from scene to scene and the ending is annoyingly abrupt. A lot of focus is put on Akshay’s character and face-off between Chitti and the Eagle.

While a few are going gaga over Shankar’s grand vision and execution, a large section of people are giving it the thumbs down.

Rajamouli’s Baahubali trailers didn’t get such negative feedback, but the VFX heavy 2.0 seems to have not impressed Indian audience that are accustomed to watch multi-billion dollar action spectacles from Hollywood. 



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