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Priyanka: Director Wanted To See My Underwear

Priyanka: Director Wanted To See My Underwear

Priyanka Chopra made waves in the entertainment industry with her recent revelation about contemplating leaving Bollywood.

She cited being pushed into a corner, conflicts with individuals, and exhaustion from the political environment as the reasons behind her decision.

In a recent interview, the renowned global star reminisced about her early days and recounted an unsettling incident involving a director who demanded to see her underwear during a film scene.

According to Priyanka, the incident occurred in 2002-03, when she was cast to portray an undercover character.

She was relatively new to the industry and unfamiliar with the director she was collaborating with for the first time.

Describing the particular scene, Priyanka explained that her character, an undercover agent, was required to seduce a male character.

Consequently, she was instructed to remove one article of clothing at a time.

Initially, Priyanka wanted to layer her attire for the scene, but the director interjected, stating, "No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why would anyone come to watch this movie?"

She went on to explain that the director did not directly address her but made the comment in front of her stylist.

Priyanka regarded this moment as dehumanizing, feeling reduced to nothing more than a tool for others' gratification.

She believed that her artistic contributions and the value she could bring were deemed inconsequential.

Unable to endure the situation any longer, Priyanka made the courageous decision to walk away from the film after just two days of work.

She even personally reimbursed the production for the expenses they had incurred. Reflecting on the director, she admitted that facing him on a daily basis was unbearable.


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