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Pressure Mounting On #RRR As The Corona Crisis Continues!

Pressure Mounting On #RRR As The Corona Crisis Continues!

Rajamouli thought of resuming #RRR work once the lockdown was lifted by the end of May. But the raising number of coronavirus cases in and outside the film industry stopped him from going forward with his plans.

Although NTR and Ram Charan are not ready to join the sets until the covid 19 curve flattens, they are also not happy for being stuck with #RRR for another year or so.

Both Tarak and Charan will be getting Rs 25 Crore for #RRR irrespective of the number of working days.

Rajamouli promised to finish the filming in a year, but it would be a great achievement if it completes in a year from now. 

NTR and Charan have reportedly asked Rajamouli to finish the remaining portion at a quick pace once the corona crisis is over.

NTR is under tremendous pressure as his next film's director Trivikram is ready with the script.

Charan also needs to finish his part for Acharya that has completed forty percent of its talkie part.

Rajamouli's plan is to release the film on July 30, 2021 as of now. But it wouldn't be possible to meet the deadline if shooting doesn't resume by this August.

Dussera is not an ideal season for such a big release, which means it will be pushed to Sankranthi 2022 if there is any further delay. 

A wild gossip about Rajamouli's idea to release it in two parts has surfaced, but there is no such development according to insiders.

While Tarak and Charan are stuck with this magnum opus their counterparts Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu are lining up promising entertainers that will definitely release ahead of #RRR.

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