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Prabhas - UV Comes up with Brilliant Idea

Prabhas - UV Comes up with Brilliant Idea

Though Prabhas has nothing to work for Rajamouli's "Baahubali 2", he is still totally engrossed with it. He is involving in post-production work and has allotted dates to promotional activity post the audio launch.

But latest reports indicate that Prabhas and his production company UV Creations has come up with a brilliant idea to hype their next movie nationwide. What better platform would be than "Baahubali 2" to promote Prabhas's next movie?

Reports say Prabhas and director Sujith Sign will be filming a major action part in the month of March itself so that they can use it as teaser and release it in the screens of "Baahubali 2".

The actual movie will commence its shoot from May but team has come up with idea that if they release a teasing footage with "Baahubali 2", they can easily get buzz all over.

Since the movie is being made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages with more than Rs 150 Cr budget, they are trying for every possible promotional trick.

For "Baahubali", Rajamouli built up hype from the very beginning of the shoot by releasing footages of various portions on the eve of birthdays of the stars. So, Prabhas and UV Creations will playing similar trick.



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