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Poonam's Target Trivikram, Not Pawan Kalyan!

Poonam's Target Trivikram, Not Pawan Kalyan!

Poonam Kaur's sensational tweets posted on Thursday evening have created a stir on social media.

Poonam has been posting sly tweets ever since her name was dragged by Kathi Mahesh during his tiff with Pawan Kalyan fans.

Even a few media houses tried to project that there was something between Poonam and Pawan.

Everything that Poonam posts was implied to Pawan, but she never targeted him directly. But her ‘nammaka drohi’ tweet appeared like she was taking direct shots at the Powerstar.

“Jalsalu choopistu agnyathavaasam lo esestadu ...Jaggeratha #namakadrohi,” Poonam’s tweet looked like she is targeting PK.

But the tweet before that makes it clear that Poonam is targeting a director but not an actor.

“The director yet extends his support to thru all his 4 families support to this so called NRI heroine ( he has tendendancy to fall for this particular slang for years ) so I did not have a hit did she ??#justasking ...good at quite a few jobs u give #justheard   #hypocrisy,” Poonam posted this just before the above tweet.

There were some previous tweets of hers targeting a director. Earlier it was too hard to identify the person, but now it’s clear that her target is a director and it is none other than Trivikram.

What happened between Poonam and Trivikram? Poonam was the first choice for Parvathi Melton’s role in Jalsa. Now read the above tweet again and you will get the gist of it.

Unfortunately, Pawan Kalyan’s name is being dragged into this as he played the lead in both Jalsa and Agnyathavasi.

Poonam’s direct attack is turning out to be a hot topic everywhere now. Is she going to end it here or take it further? 

Stay tuned to her Twitter page. 



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