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Poonam Attacks On Pawan Kalyan, Again!

Poonam Attacks On Pawan Kalyan, Again!

Now that Pawan Kalyan went in ballistic mode on TDP and Lokesh, Telugu Desam party sympathisers and the party's social media wing is going all out to attack the star. They have already begun negative campaign.

What is surprising is that now actress Poonam Kaur too seems to have joined the bandwagon.

From long time, the actress has been using Twitter to express her opinions. However, this time a snapshot of her Facebook post is doing rounds.

In this message, she made sly comments on Pawan Kalyan, the social media trollers point out.

The Facebook handle is in the name of Poonam Kaur and also has bluetick (meaning official account - FB/iampoonamkaur). But the cover page says it is handled by Vega Entertainment.

In this post, she said some are playing games by copying concepts and dialogues and cashing in on the innocence of the people.

She said some are playing politics using girls as pawns. Pray that god will enlighten the public with truth, she quoted.

This is her original Telugu post: "Concepts copy chesi ... dialogues copy chesi... battalu marchukuntu... manshulu maristu... mata meeda undakapovadam.... jaanalu innocence toh aadkuntu... vesha bhushalu maristu jaanalu ni mobbi petti.... ammailu ni addam pettukuntu rajikiyalu chestunnaru kontha mandi..... aa bhagwantudey .... nijam ento ani telipinchali ani manasupurti ga koru kuntunna...."

However, it is not clear who she really intended - Pawan Kalyan or some other person. Since she posted soon after Pawan Kalyan's public meeting in Guntur, fingers are pointed towards him.

Remember recently critic Katthi Mahesh alleged that Pawan Kalyan has some relationship with her.

On the other hand, the authenticity of her handle on FB is still hazy. She has not shared anything on her usual Twitter handle after Women's Day.



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