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Policewoman poses as actor Nayanthara, traps gangster

Policewoman poses as actor Nayanthara, traps gangster

It's the kind of stuff that you see in movies. A smart policewoman in Bihar trapped a notorious gangster by posing as the popular south siren Nayanthara to lure him and put him behind bars.

A report in the Gulf News states that the gangster, Mohammad Hasnain, had stolen an expensive mobile phone that belonged to a BJP leader, Sanjay Kumar Mahato, after which a complaint was filed at the Darbhanga police station. 

The case was handed over to the assistant sub-inspector of police, Madhubala Devi, who began to probe the case.

She realised that the gangster was still using the handset. The police tried to arrest him time and again but he managed to escape every time. 

Then Madhubala Devi hatched a plot. The police officer began to call him, posing as his love interest, seeking a relationship with him.

Initially, Hasnain abstained from any contact but gave in. He asked her to share a picture and promptly, on his mobile screen was none other than Nayanthara.

“He appeared mad with joy after seeing the photograph," the police officer told Gulf News

Hasnain agreed to meet with her at a designated spot in the town of Darbhanga. But to his 'rude shock,' instead of a woman, a team of police was waiting for him to arrest him.

Hasnain later confessed that he bought the mobile phone from another gangster, who too, was later arrested by the police. 

The mobile phone was returned to the BJP leader and Madhubala Devi is set to be rewarded for her smart thinking. 



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