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Playboy Ends Up Playing Games

Playboy Ends Up Playing Games

Just when Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Balayya made it to the senior category, Tarun entered the scene as a romantic hero.

Luck was on his side and he was well-received by all. After the success of films like Nuvve Kavali, producers would wait up to two years for his dates, say industry insiders.

Apparently, many heroines had a huge crush on him during those days. One girl who really lost her heart to him was Aarti Agarwal. Then it was said that they would soon tie the knot. But things did not work out the way they planned and they parted ways eventually.

Right now, Tarun is no longer the sweet, chocolate hero and he does not have any films on hand. One film he shot for titled Yudham was stalled midway.

And he has also grown fat and his hairline has become thin. So, the only time one gets to see him these days is when there are star cricket matches.

He is a classic example of how things can go wrong even for successful heroes.



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