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Pics: Vishnupriya Ups the Glam Quotient

Pics: Vishnupriya Ups the Glam Quotient

Many anchors and Telugu-speaking actresses have made social media their primary source of income. In particular, Instagram revenue has become a big thing for them.

More followers, more money. As a result, these actresses are increasing their glam quotient to attract young people and gain followers.

Almost all of these Telugu girls regularly share hot and sizzling photoshoots.

Vishnupriya Bhimaneni is the latest to join this trend. She has been maintaining the image of a glam girl, but now she is raising the temperature with more sultry poses.

She is not even hesitating to do the sexiest photoshoots, like some of the B-grade Bollywood actresses do.

Vishnupriya is mostly known for her small appearances in films and TV shows.

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