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Pics: Charan Presents Gifts to Surender's Kids

Pics: Charan Presents Gifts to Surender's Kids

The "Uyyalavada" project is still taking time to lock the final script. "Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy" is Chiranjeevi's dream project and it is going to be his 151st movie. The film will be directed by Surender Reddy and Ram Charan will produce it.

Although the basic story line was prepared by Parachuri Brothers long back, Surender Reddy is giving an ultra-modern treatment to it with lot of scope for visual effects.

Both Ram Charan and Surender Reddy are planning to make the movie a mega-historical flick with high technical standards.

Ram Charan who is currently working for director Sukumar's period love story near Rajamundry took time off to be back in Hyderabad for few days.

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On Sunday, he met Surender Reddy and had story discussions of "Uyyalavada". Later Charan presented some special gifts to Surender Reddy's kids.

"Uyyalavada" will be launched in May and it is aiming for Sankranthi 2018 release.



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