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Pawan Kalyan's Hungama Worked?!

Pawan Kalyan's Hungama Worked?!

Just a couple of months back, there was a lot of confusion. Suddenly, a lady called Sri Reddy popped up out of nowhere and created a huge scene. She was invited by television channels and made allegations against industry biggies.

Incidentally, this was around the same time when a critic-turned-television regular Kathi Mahesh was making all kind of allegations on Pawan Kalyan.

After a point, Sri Reddy too turned her guns towards Pawan Kalyan. After taking his time, finally, Pawan Kalyan decided to do something.

He took up the issue and went to Film Chamber. The other mega heroes immediately came out to support him in full force. The Chamber too had to react and respond. Meetings were held, decisions were taken.

At the time it was announced that media or at least a section of media will be banned from covering or talking about entertainment news.

But a few days passed. Nothing appeared to have changed. Then one was left wondering if mega stars or any other star had to bow down to the power of media.

However, now it appears that both parties have come to a touch me not stance. You stay off us, we will stay off you kind of understanding.

Already, people like Sri Reddy have become persona non-grata. There are no discussions with controversial film personalities on channels.

So, in all, looks like Pawan Kalyan's effort did not go waste after all.



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