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Pawan Kalyan Should Pick One And Stick To It

Pawan Kalyan Should Pick One And Stick To It

Janasena's utter flop show in its first appearance at the polls is an anticipated one.

Maybe fans wouldn't have thought that Pawan Kalyan will lose from the two constituencies that he contested from.

However, pre-poll predictions and surveys have been saying that JSP will either score zero or one to two seats.

Now that Janasena's real power is known to everyone, what would be Pawan Kalyan's next step? Will he continue in politics? Or will he go back to doing movies?

Pawan might be thinking that he doesn't have much to do in the political arena for the next five years. Hence, he might be considering doing movies again.

It is high time Pawan Kalyan chooses either politics or cinema. He cannot stand on two boats at a time.

He should either quit movies to become a political force in the future or quit politics after the humiliating defeat. Even diehard fans wouldn't accept Pawan's 'dual' role after this.   



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