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Pawan Kalyan Has Turned 50 or 46?

Pawan Kalyan Has Turned 50 or 46?

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is celebrating his birthday on Saturday and messages have been pouring in from all quarters extending greetings to the power star who is making waves in film industry as well as politics.

But there is one doubt among his fans and followers, as to what exactly is his age now.

According some reports, Pawan Kalyan was born on September 2, 1967. It does mean he has turned 50 on Saturday, which is a major milestone in anybody’s life.

However, according to some other websites, he was born on September 2, 1971, which means he has turned only 46.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia has mentioned both the years – 1967 at one place and 1971 at another. Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, one wonders what his exact year of birth is.

Anyway, it happens with celebrities, who prefer to reduce their actual age so as to show themselves as younger!

In any case, Pawan said he won’t celebrate his birthdays as he was the man of masses!



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