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Opinion: RGV Tactics From Vijay D?

Opinion: RGV Tactics From Vijay D?

Vijay Devarakonda's statement that there are people in the industry who were celebrating the disastrous failure of NOTA shows that he is still not wise to the ways of the industry.

As part of a lengthy post on Twitter, Vijay said, “For those who are celebrating this, ippude pandaga cheskondi. I will be back.” 

Success and failure are part of life and there will always be people trying to undermine one’s efforts in any industry or workplace.

Chiranjeevi and Balayya camps are always at loggerheads but they never wash their dirty linen in public.

The more the number of people who envy you, the better it is because it means that you are becoming more successful.

However, it is equally important to respond to detractors in a dignified way and not make such things public.

It has evoked a response now from Nikhil and one needs to wait and see where this will eventually end up.

Therefore, VD putting out this post about NOTA seems to be an RGV-like tactic where he grabs attention even from a failed output.

Prior to the release of NOTA, VD said there were politicians trying to stall the release of the film as it would affect their electoral prospects. Poor guy must be thinking too highly of himself.

If politicians really wanted to stall NOTA, they can do it without even getting up from their arm chairs.

Ironically, VD has a politician and relative KTR who tweets about his films and promotes them. So, why does he need to bother anyway? Who does poor Nikhil have?

Hits and flops are pretty much like a stock market cycle and even super stars like Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR had their share of bad luck at the box-office.

None of them ever went on a social media platform complaining like a kid, “They are celebrating the failure of my film……..waaaaaaa.”

Written By Kiran Sharma



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