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One More Miserable Flop of the Year

One More Miserable Flop of the Year

Barring a couple of successful films the New Year turning out to be a nightmare for Telugu cinema trade.

We have witnessed some of the most expensive flops like Agnyathavasi, Touch Chesi Chudu and Intelligent already. Low budget films like Rangula Ratnam and Gayatri also have bitten dust.

Tharun’s hopes of bouncing back with Idi Naa Love Story also have been let down with a ludicrous film.

Tharun truly believed that this film would put him back on track and earn him lover boy image yet again. He went to various colleges and tours to promote the film.

However, despite his efforts Idi Naa Love Story remained unnoticed because of poor publicity from the makers.

Very few are aware of the film hitting theaters on the Valentine’s Day. Idi Naa Love Story opened to outright disastrous talk from everywhere.

Poor content, low production values and bizarre dialogue are being ridiculed by the enthusiastic audience that went to the theaters to see the former lover boy back in action.

INLS is likely to end up as another big dud at the box office as the word of mouth and reviews are unanimously negative. Tough luck Tharun!



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