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Not Cool Never Cool Arjun Reddy - Anasuya Fires!

Not Cool Never Cool Arjun Reddy - Anasuya Fires!

Popular television host and actress Anasuya took to Twitter on Wednesday evening and started posting a barrage of tweets that didn’t make sense for a while.

Her last tweet of the rant made it clear that Anasuya has been ranting about Arjun Reddy and especially about Vijay Devarakonda’s explosive speech.

Anasuya is cool with the expletives used in the movie, but she is not okay with the way team Arjun Reddy is addressing public gatherings.

“If you say you abuse when someone says/does something inappropriate to the women in your life, then what are YOU doing dude?!! Abusing their women?!! Whats the big difference then? Grow-Up,” Anasuya tweeted.

Anasuya is yet to watch Arjun Reddy, but she doesn’t have the courage to hear ‘unanimous dubbing’ of the abusive word from the crowd.

“Abusing mother is not cool, never cool,” she concluded her rant with a hashtag of Arjun Reddy.

Wonder what Vijay D’s response to Anasuya would be. The dude is not someone who takes criticism on the chin. We have seen him giving it back to V. Hanumantha Rao not once but twice.



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