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No To Big Budget Films?

No To Big Budget Films?

Ever since Bellamkonda Srinivas made his debut, he has ensured that he got to work with big directors in the industry.

VV Vinayak, Boyapati, Sriwaas... Srinivas worked with them all. However, after VV Vinayak's film, Bellamkonda Suresh has more or less stopped making films.

After Boyapati's film, producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy too lost out in a major way. Though Boyapati promised to do a film as compensation, he is in no position to keep up the promise.

To try his luck the third time, Srinivas worked with Abhishek Nama. This turned out to be a decent flop for Srinivas, thanks to the deals that happened prior to film's release.

So, given this backdrop, Srinivas is now doing two new films. One is with a new director and another is with Teja.

The first film will be a low budget film. As for Teja's film, he will keep cost under control as he works on taking a share from profits.

Talk is that Bellamkonda Srinivas is hearing out all stories told by new and aspiring directors. This means he is likely to cut down the films with big directors.

But there is a catch here. While wanting to work with small directors is not wrong, it might not work out commercially for him as he does not seem to have the capacity to draw audiences on his own strength. At least for now!



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