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No Heroes Willing To Work With Star Director

No Heroes Willing To Work With Star Director

VV Vinayak who used to be the most reliable director has certainly lost his midas touch lately. He has been struggling to find his mojo back for quite some time already. Besides Khaidi No. 150 none of his recent films were half decent.

Thanks to the craze around Megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback film, Vinayak got away with K150 in spite of average output as a director.

Vinayak made some memorable mass movies like Aadi, Tagore, Dil, Krishna, Adurs etc in early stages of his career.

After a point his graph kept going down with each film but his command over masala template kept him in business. Movies like Naayak and Alludu Seenu worked because of the masala factor.

But Vinayak couldn’t live up to expectations with movies like Badrinath and Akhil ending up as major duds. His latest film Intelligent is a terrible disaster that has put a big question mark over his abilities as a filmmaker.

Like many star filmmakers Vinayak too seems to have run out of creative juices. He made Intelligent with young Sai Dharam Tej as none of the star heroes were willing to do a movie with him.

After Intelligent’s failure, Vinayak might not even get the dates of any rising young actor.



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