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No Heroes, No Villains: Nara Rohith

No Heroes, No Villains: Nara Rohith

Nara Rohith is off late shining in happiness with super success of Jyo Achyutananda.

Despite a flop Shankara followed by, Rohith is confident about his tomorrow releasing Appatlo Okadundevadu directed by Sagar K Chandra co-starring Sree Vishnu as other main lead.

Rohit spoke to greatandhra exclusively explaining his experiences of being the first time producer.

Biopic of Fictional Characters:
AO is a special film in new and untested genre based on the real incidents happened in 1990s. There was no evolution of technological world in those times and Internet was also not so popular in India.

We have blended a fictional drive to real characters by changing their names. Although audience can match resemblances with some popular personalities but we have changed the names to give a fiction shade.

Director worked for 3 Years:
Director Sagar K Chandra is a talented person. He made Ayyare earlier. Though he approached me with a Police script long back, I could not work with him. Later Sree Vishnu and Sagar sat for 3 years developing this script. They worked at minute level in organizing the characters and re-creating the 1990s period. They both made a case study on each element.

Naxalism and Many More:
Time in mid 1990s is most unstable. We had lot of content like Naxalism, Globalization, Economical Reforms, Scams, Politically motivated murders, booming real estate etc. AO speaks on all these varied points and their impacts.

No Hero No Villain:
Like many of the audience are calling AO as multi starrer because of Sree Vishnu and me as heroes, this is not so. For me there story is the real hero. AO hasn’t got a hero or villain. We performed as artists as per the roles offered. Screen time for each character is also not a limitation in this film.

As a Producer:
With this film, I evolved as complete producer. In fact, I got a strong team like Krishna Vijay and Prshanthi who take lot of care. From director Sagar K Chandra to light boy, everyone co-operated and supported me in wrapping the project within given budget.

Thanks to all the artists:
As I was busy shuttling between different projects, I could not spend lot of proper time during the production phase of AO. It would have been hard to manage my co-artists but thanks to my friends Ajay, Brahmaji, Prabhas Sreenu and everyone for their kind support. Without their help, there’s no AO.

Release Delayed:
We completed the whole production by June and spent rest of the time in post production. Actually, AO was ready for release long back but I wanted Jyo Achyutananda to get out into screens first for the sake of my producer Sai Korrapati. As I am the producer for AO, I kept the release on hold. Later November 25 is the date planned. Due to demonetization, we pushed further and finally Dec 30th is found the right time.

Music Director, Heroine and Rest:
Tanya Hope is our heroine. She does a small role in Nenu Shailaja. This girl is an excellent performer and got a good character. Music director Sai Karthik is one of my good friends. He always scores wonderful tunes and excellent background for my films.



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