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No Experiments Pleases, Says NTR

No Experiments Pleases, Says NTR

NTR has made it clear to all the directors or writers who are approaching him to tell him stories that he will not do “experimental subjects” now.

He rejected Anil Ravipudi’s story of blind hero taking vengeance precisely for this reason. He also said no to Chandoo Mondeti’s love thriller story. 

Although he is still ready to hear the stories from them, he told them not to come up with “risky” and “experimental” stories now.

He believes that it is time to him to do more movies that appeal to larger audiences. He got huge hit with “Janatha Garage” that appealed to all sections of people. So to strengthen his position, he is looking for movies that work with all kind of audiences.

He felt Puri’s script was too limited in appeal and same was the case with Anil Ravipudi’s subject. Though he won’t be doing Puri Jagannadh’s film, Anil Ravipudi still has chances if he comes up with entertaining masala story. But our sources it may take another two months for him to finalize one of the movie.



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