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No Deal, Yet Harish Takes Home Rs. 7 Cr For Valmiki

No Deal, Yet Harish Takes Home Rs. 7 Cr For Valmiki

Director Harish Shankar insisted upon a share in the profits as his paycheck for Valmiki.

Producers negotiations started at Rs. 3 crore and finally they had agreed upon paying Rs. 7 crore to Harish Shankar.

Although Harish is hoping for a share in the profits earned, he couldn't say no to this attractive offer from the makers of Valmiki.

Rs. 7 crore is huge considering Harish's recent form. The director couldn't live up to expectations post Gabbar Singh and has managed to deliver only a couple of average films.

However, he was able to generate good buzz for Valmiki right from the day it was announced. The film is making big buzz across trade circles with buyers coming in with handsome offers.

14 Reels Plus owners Ram and Gopi don't want the director to interfere in the business transactions of their movie and hence they offered him an offer he couldn't say no to.

Harish is happy with the paycheck he received and will now totally focus upon the promotions and marketing of Valmiki while the producers will look into the finances.


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