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No China, Only Russia and Japan for BB2

No China, Only Russia and Japan for BB2

The biggest market for movies world-wide is of course Hollywood given its reach across continents. And it is China that comes next in terms of market range.

If a film becomes a hit there, the overall collections of the film become really huge, like in the case of Aamir Khan's Dangal.

So, for some time now, the makers of Baahubali 2 have been waiting to get a nod from China to release their film. But that hasn't happened and the team has almost given up on that market for now.

In fact, the first version of Baahubali ended up being a dud in China and the makers were hoping to reverse fortunes there.

Now, they are releasing the film in Japan and Russia, though they have never been considered big markets for Indian films, barring one odd successes like Rajinikanth's Muthu.

Though Russia does provide a base for Indian films, given our cultural ties, the market is nevertheless not huge for our films.

Meanwhile, Baahubali 2's Japanese version will hit the screens on December 29, while the Russian version will hit the screens in January 2018.



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