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No ban on 'Padmaavat', SC rejects all pleas

No ban on 'Padmaavat', SC rejects all pleas

The Supreme Court (SC) today dismissed a plea by Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh asking the court to reconsider lifting the ban on 'Padmaavat in their states.

The movie is scheduled to release January 25.

Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan yesterday moved the apex court seeking it modify its earlier order lifting the ban on the screening of controversial film 'Padmaavat'. They said that because maintaining law and order is their constitutional duty, prohibiting the screening of a film to prevent untoward incidents is also part of that same duty.

Last Thursday, the apex court lifted a ban on the film by Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. At the time, it said it is the various governments' job to deal with any potential law and order issues arising from the release of the film. That isn't the job of the court, it said.

The SC even restrained other states from issuing any order to prohibit the screening of the film.The producers and the director of the film petitioned the SC against the ban.

Earlier, the four states argued that the censor board, while clearing a film, scrutinised filmmaking and ethical aspects but state governments had to factor in possible law and order challenges arising from volatile social dynamics.

The top court when clearing the film last Thursday spoke at some length about the sanctity and inviolability of the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression, which it reminded everyone is a constitutionally guaranteed right.

On Friday, a day after it cleared the film, the SC was again petitioned against its screening. It refused to hear the petition.

Several fringe groups oppose 'Padmaavat' alleging it distorts history or shows the Rajput community in bad light.

Despite the censor board clearing the film's release, the BJP-ruled states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh banned its screening.



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